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Claire Goldman

R&R Landscape
"McFarlin Stanford Team, I'm sure by now you all know you are my favorite people in the industry. However, I now know why… GIE was the first time I’ve listened to other consultants. I am not going to name names, but they don’t even SORT OF compare to what the MS team brings to the table. Thank you for elevating landscape professionals to the next level in the way you communicate and present yourselves. You have managed to juggle all your clients and still present a genuine interest in us and our company. McFarlin Stanford has a great thing going and I am thanking my lucky stars that I found y’all when I did."

Kevin Buck

"Thank you for being part of sales bootcamp! My team and I really enjoyed the two days and can’t wait to start implementing and developing our process this week. This is exactly what we needed right now and was one of the best trainings I have been to in a while. Thank you!"


Landscape Client
"We are so excited about the difference McFarlin Stanford makes. They help our team and ultimately help our company grow. The pool of candidates they presented were like no other I had seen – all I could say was wow! Our new team member fit right in and made a difference Day One."

Amy Graham

Texas Nursery and Landscape Association - Strategic Partners
“We are excited to have access to expert advice and time-tested business practices that are specific and relevant to our membership. The goal of this partnership is to bring consistency to our business focus at TNLA. With McFarlin Stanford, we can build on content all year long for our members.”


Landscape Client
"Thank you for coming out to help us. I feel as though my team has never been better. I am excited for the next year and what it will bring. Looking forward to hearing and implementing your ideas."

Marty Grunder

The Grow Group - Strategic Partners
“We have a proven method for getting results. Adding Cali and New to the mix enables us to greatly expand our offerings. Cali and New are both men of integrity whose core values align with ours at MGI. Together we’re going to have a lot of fun helping green industry professionals reach their goals and beyond.”


Landscape Client
"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for inviting us to the Elite Retreat. (We) really enjoyed it and walked away with a lot of new ideas and renewed vision for the future. Thank you for ... helping us truly take our business to a new level."

Dr. Phil Allen, Ph.D., CLP

Brigham Young University
"Each year we invite top professionals to present a workshop for our students. Jim and Jason did an amazing job! Using real-world case studies from both landscape management and corporate America, they guided our students through the topics of creating positive company CULTURE and the SYSTEMS needed to support sustained growth. The discussions and assignments were great! Students remained highly engaged throughout the entire two-day event, and feedback has been unanimously positive. Thank you McFarlin Stanford for an exceptional event."

Fred Peratt

CEO - Environmental Enhancements, Chairman - Education Advisory Council of National Association of Landscape Professionals
"I have been involved in the industry for over 35 years and have worked with all of the industry consultants. After your time in Virginia working with my team, I have received nothing but excellent comments from the Executive Team. You clearly hit a grand slam and kudos for showing my staff that I made a great decision. Again...I really enjoyed our time together and look forward to our future direction. We are so excited about the difference McFarlin Stanford will bring to help our team and ultimately our company growth."

Dr. Reese Nelson, Ph.D.

Brigham Young University, Idaho
"Each time I have worked with Ben to find a destination company for my top graduating students, he has impressed me with how he is able to seek out talent and match opportunities, throughout the country. Ben is a polished HR professional with exceptional knowledge and experience in the Green Industry, which I believe has provided him with a unique ability to identify talent for many organizations. I highly recommend Ben to help with recruiting efforts with McFarlin Stanford. As a dedicated and knowledgeable Green Industry professional, great person and friend, I know that Ben will be a beneficial addition to the recruiting process, on-boarding process, and training for HR in the Green Industry."