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Building successful Teams is what we do best.

Hiring the right person for the right job is a big part of the puzzle in growing your Lawn Care business. McFarlin Stanford recruiting services find the people with compatible skill sets that fit your team culture and complete your perfect team.

Because of our knowledge, experience and network in the Landscaping Industry, our team knows the right questions to ask you and the candidates throughout the process. We present the most qualified people for the positions you need filled. And when considering what to offer, we advise you based on what we know is competitive in the industry.

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Chase Coates

Outback Landscape
"I would recommend McFarlin Stanford because they have a big network. They know a lot of people. They work with a lot of great companies….. They understand the landscape industry, but they also understand business and that's kind of a hard mix to find sometimes. And I would say that I don't know of another recruiting agency who has either quite the reach or the network that they do."