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McFarlin Stanford Human Resource services protect you, your employees and your future.

How do you fire someone? That’s a question we get often, but there’s so much more to think about than hiring and firing once your company reaches a certain size. We assist in putting processes around your people in order to build a stronger green industry organization.

Our Human Resources services include:

Risk Mitigation and Audit – What are your policies? Do you have an employee handbook? Are you in compliance with employment laws? Our team provides an audit of your landscape company to identify ways you can lower your risk and protect your business.

Employee Relations – Do your team members have clear guidance on how their performance is measured? What do you do if you have to discipline an employee? We work with green industry companies on Performance Measurement Plans (PMP), coaching for skills-building and development so your people can grow along with your business.

Front-line Leader Development – Are you confident that newly promoted manager won’t get you sued? We work with your front-line leaders to educate them on employment law so they can confidently execute and drive profits for your company.

Connect with our Human Resources team today to reduce risk for you, your employees and your business.