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If you own a lawn care business, you’ve come to the right spot. Why? As a landscape professional, you’ve likely noticed there is a ton of work involved in the industry – and even more to learn. And, while owning your own business comes with many upsides, it can sometimes feel like you’re doing it all on your own. Who do you ask your industry-specific questions? How do you find hiring support? Where do you hear about the latest tools and technology? Peer Groups are the solution.

Read on to learn more about what a Peer Group is, how it can benefit someone, and who should join one.

What is a Peer Group?
Imagine having access to a group of other like-minded landscape business owners, executive coaches, and business professionals to turn to when you need help. That’s a Peer Group. Our Peer Group program is called ACE, which stands for Accountability Creates Excellence. It’s easy to say you’re going to implement a new business strategy, create onboarding content, and hire a financial advisor – but when no one’s checking in on that progress, those aspirations can be left untouched and your landscape business won’t progress.

Think of peer groups as a quarterly strategy session for you and other landscape company owners to revisit their goals, check in on one another and discuss new aspirations. Having this time together is an easy way to ensure you’re making progress, because not only does talking about your goals to another person add a little (healthy) pressure – it helps you from feeling alone, too.

How Do ACE Peer Groups Help?
Aside from the accountability aspect we mentioned above, joining a community of other business owners can provide a myriad of benefits. From tips on managing day-to-day operations, stories from experienced landscape professionals who have been in your shoes, and glimpses into how other landscape company owners get their work done – there’s always something to learn from other people in your industry.

Not to mention, peer groups provide a more intimate and confidential setting than, say, an annual conference, so you can discuss in detail what’s on your mind versus feeling as though you’re in a time crunch. Whether you want to hear more about what equipment other landscape professionals are using, what their customer outreach looks like, or simply how they get to know their employees – peer groups offer you the space to have these business-related conversations without any pressure from the clock.

So, Who Would Really Benefit from a Peer Group?
The short answer: You. If you own a landscape business and are struggling to scale, a peer group is for you. If you feel like your business has hit a plateau, a peer group is for you. If you need guidance on landscaping best practices, a peer group is for you. After reading the benefits of an ACE peer group, we hope you can see how this type of accountability can enhance your business, but why take our word for it? Here are just a few testimonials from our current members:

“Since starting peer groups, we probably went from $1.2 to $10 million dollars… If you’re in the right peer group and you participate, [you’ll scale] your business a lot faster.”
 - Chase Coates | Outback Landscape

“They bring real world experience, guiding us to better decisions… We’ve grown smarter and made better decisions than we ever could have alone.”
- Adam Dukes | Grandscapes

If you’re ready to discover more about ACE peer groups, check out one of our 2023 Discovery Events (happening in New Orleans and Banff later this year!) It’s a great way to experience what the hype is all about, without any immediate commitment – we hope to see you there.