The Value of Hiring a Business Coach for Your Landscape Company

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Hiring the right business coach is the best money you can invest in your landscaping company. But what is a coach and what do they really do? Most people assume that a business coach acts as a listening ear, an accountability partner, or a best friend who cheers you on. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to scaling your landscape business, paying someone to be your best friend isn’t going to cut it. A good coach is like having your own personal champion guiding you to create the results you want. When you’re going through the growing pains of owning a business, there is nothing more valuable than having a McFarlin Stanford coach’s wisdom, perspective, and experience on your side.

A coach challenges you to think differently than you’ve ever thought before. A coach shows you how to admit when you’re wrong and teaches you how to find a better solution. And a coach tells you the truth even when it’s hard and uncomfortable.

Every conversation with your business coach is an opportunity to hit the reset button, focus on what you want, and recommit to taking massive action. And that’s just the beginning. Nothing is impossible for your landscape business, and more big things are coming with a McFarlin Stanford coach by your side.

A coach helps you use your landscape business as a tool to build your dream life instead of sacrificing your life to build your business.


How much fun are you having in your business? If you feel like you’re stuck in survival mode, a coach can help you break through the nonstop cycles of fight or flight to experience massive growth. When you’re trying to do something new to get a result you’ve never achieved before, you have to become a new person with new habits to reach those goals. As if that wasn’t hard enough, what’s even more difficult is that your social circle can’t help but see you as who you’ve always been. But a coach doesn’t have any preconceived notions about who you are. A coach sees you and supports you as who you want to be, no matter who you are right now.

A coach doesn’t have stories about your past, and they’ll help you quit believing them too. They’ll expose you to new ideas you didn’t even know were available. And just like how a muscle gets stronger with more repetitions, you’ll start believing in what you want once you’re exposed to bigger thinking.


The real value of a good coach is felt when you can take a step back and get a bird’s eye view of your business. You’ll learn and grow so much quicker when you let a McFarlin Stanford coach get a front row look at your landscaping company too.

Trying to do everything on your own is the most expensive way to do anything. It will take 10 times more time and cost you way more money to go it alone. When it’s just you struggling to make all the day-to-day decisions, it can be tempting to cut costs and shrink down to play it safe. This isn’t how you grow. If you were on Shark Tank, no one would suggest you pinch every penny and work yourself like a dog.

When you have a great business coach, you can save yourself years of trial and error. Your business can be used to create the lifestyle you want instead of you simply being another cog in the wheel. McFarlin Stanford coaches know the green industry inside and out and will guide you to the best ways to transform your business and grow.


Most landscape business owners quit on themselves too soon because they can’t stay motivated long enough to take massive action consistently. This is why they don’t get the results they want.

With a McFarlin Stanford coach, you’ll learn what it takes to follow through on your promises to yourself. And you’ll get where you’re going 10 times faster with a pro’s help.

What you commit to, you succeed at. A coach will help you stay committed to your vision and will troubleshoot the how-to habits to achieve your goals. You’ll learn how to fail forward and not take things personally. Having a business coach will help transform your life, not just your company.

It may feel like you’re doing everything right, but if you’re not getting the result you want, it may be the perfect time to hire a business coach.

No matter what goals you have or how you want to run your company, there’s always room for improvement. Most landscape owners wear themselves out to the point of exhaustion long before they reach their business goals. It may feel like you’re doing everything right, but if you’re not getting you the result you want, it might be the perfect time to hire a business coach.

More free time, more money, and more energy are only a few coaching sessions away. You’ll think clearer, solve problems easier, feel more creative, and your priorities will finally be crystal clear. Contact McFarlin Stanford to get deliberate about moving your business forward. Don’t waste another day trying to figure everything out alone.