Top 3 Pain Points in Your Bookkeeping – And How We Can Help

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In order to run a successful landscaping business, you know you’ve got to provide exceptional service that encourages clients to return time and time again. But what about everything on the back side to running a business? Who is taking care of the bookkeeping? Taxes? Payroll? As landscape business owners, that responsibility can often fall on you. And if you weren't an accounting or finance major, you likely need some assistance. 

There are three primary pain points that can come along with bookkeeping for landscape businesses: the finances are too complicated, there’s not enough time or resources to do it well, and there’s a lack of consistency when it comes to getting the job done. We’re going to break each of these pain points down–and show you a better way to get your business’ bookkeeping done. Let’s dive in.

Pain Point #1: It’s too complicated!

We’ve heard this time and time again–and for good reason. Oftentimes, smaller companies rely on their employees to wear multiple hats. This can mean whoever is handling bookkeeping may be learning the ins and outs of bookkeeping for the first time. Not only is that incredibly overwhelming, it’s time consuming, too. How is any one employee expected to learn how to audit the company’s taxes, distribute payroll, ensure the accounts payable are reconciled, and maintain a constant view of the cash flow in and out?

We’re in the business of fixing your lawn care company’s bookkeeping problems. How?  We take all of the finance and accounting tasks out of your office, where they are performed by trained professionals who do this work for Green Industry companies day in and day out.  Our team has the expertise and knowledge to help initiate processes in your office to streamline the flow of financial data, ensuring that you have accurate and timely financial information from which to make decisions.  We use a standard Green Industry chart of accounts which enables us to provide you with benchmarked metrics during our monthly finance and accounting review call to review your business’s performance.  

Pain Point #2: I don’t have the time!

Being a business owner can come with many titles: Head of HR, morale booster, Chief Marketing Officer, financial advisor, repair man, web designer, errand runner, custodial staff, salesman, among so many others. Being a bookkeeper won’t always be the highest item on your priority list, but without accurate accounting records, you won’t know where your business truly stands.  A business owner’s understanding of accounting and finance needs to go well beyond your company’s cash flow and a list of who is owed what. 

Even if you know how important bookkeeping is for your landscape business, you might not be able to make the time to do these tasks yourself or gain a full understanding of the metrics that can help your business be even more successful. That’s when you invest in a third party to help: Us. With our professional bookkeeping services, you’ll save time–which for you, may be priceless.

Pain Point #3: There’s no consistency!

We’ve seen companies toss around bookkeeping tasks like they’re hot potatoes. While Bill is handling payroll, Rebecca is paying vendors, but Tim has all the receipts! If a bookkeeping system has never been put into place, your bookkeeping problems will only get bigger and more complicated as time goes on. Consider this your sign to start fresh.

Our turnkey bookkeeping solution allows you to do just that. We have a team of accounting and finance professionals ready to support your business, provide oversight, and establish consistency in your accounting system and processes.  Because we solely focus on financial solutions for the Green Industry, we know which financial practices are best and which key metrics you should be measuring your business against. Our goal is to give you financial information to make decisions and give you time back to focus on what you do best-creating beautiful landscapes for your clients. .

Top 3 Pain Points in Your Bookkeeping - And How We Can Help

With Tax Day just behind us, consider how it went for your lawn care company: Was it seamless? Was it stress free? Was there only one employee dedicated to the filing process? This is just one example of many where our bookkeeping services could help create ease for you and your business. We offer accounting services and coaching to help you focus less on finances and more on the things that matter to you. 

Talk to one of our team members and we can walk you through how our bookkeeping solution can work for you. Your days of worrying about bookkeeping problems are over!