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Like any industry, who you bring onto the team can make a major impact on your company’s success–and the same is true for lawn care businesses. Despite having cutting-edge tools and a city full of customers, your landscape company can’t grow without reliable employees you can trust to get the job done.

Whether you’re just starting out and hiring your first team members, or business is booming and you’re trying to expand the team, we have a few tips on how to hire the best landscape employees. Because at the end of the day, you want to surround yourself with others who share your company’s values and want the whole team to succeed.

Tip #1: Lean on referrals
Got an employee you already love? Use them as a resource. It helps to identify which traits you like about your current employees, because then you’ll be able to better recognize when someone else exhibits those same qualities. Remember, anyone you’ve already hired may know people from their previous experience who are in the market for a new job–so might as well lean into that.

Tip #2: Use social media
What does your current marketing strategy look like? Surely you have a website and email, but are you taking advantage of social media? Whether you are brand new to platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, these hubs serve a similar purpose as say, LinkedIn when it comes to job postings.

Create a post highlighting all the benefits someone would gain from working at your landscape business and let the word spread itself. Encourage your friends and followers to repost or share as you’ll want to tap into their network, as well.

Here’s an example of what to post: “Interested in working for a high-achieving team that values its employees? At [insert company name], we’re excited to find the perfect [insert role title] to complete our squad. You’ll be set up with [benefit], [benefit], and [benefit], among so many other benefits. If you’re a hard worker, eager to learn, and excited to be a part of a team, reach out to [insert email].

Tip #3: Talk to vendors
Similar to referrals from former and current employees, it’s worth reaching out to other landscape business owners. Maybe you’ve made connections with industry leaders in other states through networking events or expos. Ask them if they know anyone in your area looking for a job. By going about hiring in this way, you get the benefit of using a vetting system where you don’t have to start at ground zero.

Tip #4: Advertise the job
Look, the newspaper classifieds might not be what they used to be, but advertising open job positions is never a bad idea. Modernize the old school way by including a “Job Postings” section to your business newsletter. Consider putting some ad spend behind your current marketing efforts to include “sponsored” posts on social media so you can reach a wider audience. Even paper fliers can be useful if placed strategically–we’re talking about places like lawn care supply stores, information centers, Home Depots, and others.

Not to mention, creating a job posting on ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and other similar platforms can yield great success. Be sure to write a very clear and concise description of the role so you can filter out any unintentional applicants. Start with significant, daily duties and describe the job responsibilities in an appealing, bulleted way. Make a list of prereqs like work experience, talents, and certifications. It also never hurts to give a brief overview of your landscape business and its achievements. Finish the ad with instructions on how to apply for the position with mention of including a resume or references, if necessary.

The Ideal Candidate
While there will never be one perfect employee, we figured it may be helpful to list out a few non-negotiable traits any landscape business owner could benefit from hiring. First, you want someone who is dependable. This is where previous employers would serve as a great reference, as you want to ensure they’re reliable when it comes time to do their job.

Secondly, you want someone with ambition. You won’t always be there to offer answers when a problem comes up on the job, so having someone who can make hard decisions with the company’s best interest in mind is critical.

Thirdly, find an employee who is good at communicating. From client relations to collaboration among their coworkers, having good interpersonal skills like communication, conflict resolution and listening is a must when hiring new team members.

And finally, the ideal candidate will be excited to join the team. Not only will their enthusiasm show their seriousness about the job, it’s a good sign that their natural disposition leans positive. And who doesn’t want that?

Your Trusted Resource for All Things Landscape Related
Any business owner will tell you there are pros and cons to being the person in charge. At McFarlin Stanford, we’re constantly trying to help the good outweigh the bad – starting with the admin side of landscape business ownership. Hiring (and firing) isn’t always easy, but we’re hoping with these above tips you’re able to find hard-working talent that helps you take your lawn care business to the next level.

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