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Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore: Program Manager

Nancy brings over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing and event management, fundraising, and non-profit service to McFarlin Stanford. She has worked for American Airlines, Union Pacific Railroad and has spent several years with Dallas area nonprofits focused on community engagement and development.

Her experiences have challenged her to create comprehensive loyalty marketing strategies, execute innovative multi-partner marketing campaigns and streamline processes for more efficient program management to improve team member and client experiences.  A true believer that we all have more in common than what divides us, Nancy believes collaborating with others increases our creativity and inspires us to grow.  Passionate about seeking new experiences herself, Nancy is a seasoned traveler. She enjoys travel planning almost as much as she enjoys the voyage. She is quick to embrace and adapt to new opportunities and is excited to support the growth and development of the green industry.

Nancy is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications.  “The world needs more Cowboys!”