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Elizabeth Royse

Elizabeth Royse: Client Relations

In her role as Manager of Client Relations, Elizabeth brings decades of experience building loyal and trusted, professional relationships. Building off of her natural attention to detail, Elizabeth’s career beginnings in the political and legal sectors of Washington, D.C. honed her precise organizational skills and calm demeanor in high-stress environments. After living in Mexico City and relocating back to Dallas, Elizabeth launched into corporate sales, marketing and event management, further cultivating her communication, leadership and analysis skills. Consistently, she received the highest praises from clients, who valued her ability to listen, problem-solve and deliver solutions to meet their needs. As well, Elizabeth’s creativity and professionalism were uniquely on display as she provided personalized experiences for every event, managing every well-styled detail. Today, she brings all these passions and experiences together in her role, ensuring clients are well cared for and events are both memorable and valuable.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Political Science from The University of Oklahoma. Originally from Oklahoma City, Elizabeth has called Dallas home for over 14 years.