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Join McFarlin Stanford and The Grow Group at ACE Discovery, March 20-22 to find out how you can scale your company to the next level and change your business forever.

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ACE Discovery is the game-changing event designed exclusively for landscape business owners like you. It's also the first step to becoming part of the industry's most sought after group coaching program, ACE Peer Groups!

Get ready to uncover the hidden potential within your business and take it to new heights of success. This immersive experience will equip you with the strategies and insights needed to transform your landscape business and achieve unprecedented growth.

Join us March 20-22, 2024 in New Orleans, LA for a journey that will change the trajectory of your business forever.

Discover the ACE Effect

The ACE Discovery event is the first step towards unlocking your landscape business's full potential. Through expertly crafted exercises and presentations, you'll identify the issues that may be holding you back from reaching your growth goals and becoming the leader you want to be.


Cultivate Team Excellence: Discover the art of recruiting and developing top talent, create a rockstar crew that drives unprecedented success for your business.


Effortless Back-End Operations: Crack the code to seamless efficiency with the RIGHT tools and proven methods, ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine.


Take Charge of Your Financial Future: spot danger signs, boost profits, and make informed decisions. Unlock financial mastery and control your business' bottom line.

We went from $1.2 million to $10 million... There’s no way we would be at $10 million without ACE.”

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QUESTIONS? Book a quick 15-minute call to find out if ACE Discovery is right for you.

What Sets ACE Discovery Apart

You'll hear from seasoned experts from across the landscape industry... giving you a 360 degree view into all the important aspects of your business.

Master Your Finances: Gain a deep understanding of your company's finances and learn how to manage them effectively for long-term growth.

Build Your Dream Team: Acquire practical strategies to build stronger and more efficient teams, fostering a positive work environment and increasing productivity.

Scale with Confidence: Master the essential processes and operations required to scale your landscaping business and achieve sustainable success.

Discover Your Superpowers: Uncover and understand your unique leadership style through the Strengths Finder assessment, enabling you to leverage them for greater business achievements.

Step Into Your Leadership Potential: Elevate your leadership skills, empowering you to lead your team with clarity, purpose, and inspiration.

Unlock Your Growth Potential: Discover how to optimize processes, reduce inefficiencies, and increase profitability to take your company to new heights.

Innovate and Lead the Landscape Industry: Explore innovative approaches and trends in the landscaping industry, staying ahead of the competition and identifying new opportunities.

Decisions with Certainty: Gain confidence in making critical business decisions and facing challenges head-on, armed with new knowledge and expertise.

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Sign up today, and get a free 45-minute coaching session with one of our principals. ($500 value)

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This event has the power to change your business forever. And that's a promise. How can we say this? Because we've seen the results. Our ACE Peer Group members have consistently seen year-over-year growth of 30% or more, and the relationships they've built as part of the ACE community are priceless.

Learn From Industry Pros

Marty Grunder

President & CEO of The Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping

Chris Psencik

Partner and Vice President of McFarlin Stanford

Jim Cali

Founding Principal of McFarlin Stanford

Jason New

Founding Principal of McFarlin Stanford

Tommy Cole

Vice President of McFarlin Stanford

Vince Torchia

Vice President and Head of Operations at The Grow Group

Liz Helton

Chief Financial Officer of McFarlin Stanford

John Dalton

Chief Marketing Officer of McFarlin Stanford

And Many More



Includes the 3 day Discovery event, welcome reception, dinner each night, and breakfast each morning.


QUESTIONS: Book a quick 15-minute call to find out if ACE Discovery is right for you.

Success Stories

I recommend working with McFarlin Stanford because of their wealth of knowledge... We’ve grown smarter and made better decisions than we ever could have alone.



The difference now is night and day... There are so many things we’ve learned from different owners in the group. They truly are like a having your own Board of Directors.


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It's extremely helpful to have 10-12 other business owners looking at your business, they can see issues that you can't see. They want to help us out and I want to help them out, and that is PRICELESS.


Professional Grounds

ACE has enabled me to see how other companies operate & succeed. If you're a $1 million or $10 million company, there are issues we're all going through that ACE members can help you overcome.


Property Pros

Is ACE Right For You?

Discovery Agenda

Thursday 3/21

Day Two (Le Pavillon Hotel)

7:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 – 9:30 AM: Financial Case Study Exercise

9:45 – 12:00: Introduction to Issue Processing & Strengths

12:00 – 1:00 PM: Lunch at Hotel

1:00 – 2:00 PM: RYG Org Chart Exercise

2:00 - 2:45 pm: "Building a Winning Team” by Marty Grunder

3:00 – 5:00 PM: Accountability Discussion& Process Exercise

6:00 PM: Team & individual pictures on the lawn of Southern Yacht Club (SYC)

6:30 PM: Drinks and Dinner at SYC

Friday, 3/24

Day Three (Le Pavillon Hotel)

7:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 - 9:30 AM: Exercise – Letter to Your Team

9:30 - 10:00 AM: ACE Draft for which Group best suits you! Calendar planning for remainder of 2024 and Spring of 2025

12 Noon: Depart after Noon from MSY – New Orleans International Airport

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helps you free up more productive hours... What impact will that have on your relationships, your profits, your happiness?

What would those changes realistically be worth over your lifetime?

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t miss your chance to finally start living the life (and running the business) you’ve always wanted.

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